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Sr. No Details (Click on each to read)




488 Meeting with Chairman Cow Commission (28-July-2017)


487 Akali BJP councillors meeting (26-July-2017)


486 House Meeting (25-July-2017)


485 Visit of Mayor to Sukhiabad (24-July-2017)


484 Regarding Van Mahautsav (22-July-2017)


483 Regarding Chintpurni Mela  (21-July-2017)


482 Cleaning of Committee Chowk  (21-July-2017)


481 Action against illegal digging of roads and streets  (15-July-2017)


480 Tehbazari (15-July-2017)


479 Checking of Plastic Bags (7-July-2017)


478 Meeting with SSP  (7-July-2017)


477 Fogging Spray  (5-July-2017)


476 Mang Pattar  (3-July-2017)


475 Regarding Tehbazari  (2-July-2017)


474 Cleaning of Drainaze System (25-June-2017)


473 Meeting regarding development work (24-June-2017)


472 Inspection Regarding new tubewell (24-June-2017)


471 Regarding Stollen Dustbin  (22-June-2017)


470 Regarding Maang Patar  (22-June-2017)


469 Regarding Tehbazari  (17-June-2017)


468 Regarding Tehbazari  (16-June-2017)


467 Regarding Tehbazari  (15-June-2017)


466 Regarding Checking of Dumping Ground  (15-June-2017)


465 Regarding plastic carry bags  (14-June-2017)


464 Tehbazari  (08-June-2017)


463 Tehbazari  (07-June-2017)


462 Tehbazari  (06-June-2017)


461 Interlocking Tiles at ward no 50  (05-June-2017)


460 Inauguration of new tubewell at ward no 35  (01-June-2017)


459 Tehbazari (01-June-2017)


458 Repair of ward no 8 Tubewell (27-May-2017)


457 Demands of ward no 37 councillor (25-May-2017)


456 House Meeting (23-May-2017)


455 Mang Patar Ward no 27 (19-May-2017)


454 Regarding Tehbazari (19-May-2017)


453 Tubewell Repair (18-May-2017)


452 Regarding Tehbazari (16-May-2017)


451 Construction of Tubewell (10-May-2017)


450 Swachh Bharat Mission (05-May-2017)


449 Finance and Contract committee meeting (04-May-2017)


448 Advertisement Contract (04-May-2017)


447 Regarding MAY Day (02-May-2017)


446 Regarding Budget (31-Mar-2017)


445 Regarding Tehbazari (29-Mar-2017)


444 Regarding Tehbazari (29-Mar-2017)


443 Collection of Property Tax (27-Mar-2017)


442 Property Tax Recovery (25-Mar-2017)


441 Regarding Tehbazari (24-Mar-2017)


440 Property Tax (24-Mar-2017)


439 Sealing of Property (23-Mar-2017)


438 Regarding Tehbazari (22-Mar-2017)


437 Regarding Property Tax (22-Mar-2017)


436 Regarding Property Tax (17-Mar-2017)


435 Sealing of Property (16-Mar-2017)


434 Cricket match between Corporation Eleven and Sidarth Academy (05-Mar-2017)


433 Regarding Tehbazari (04-Mar-2017)


432 Property Tax Seal (01-Mar-2017)


431 Retirement of Sh. Vijay Kumar (28-Feb-2017)


430 Visiti of Library (22-Feb-2017)


429 Inspection of Parking Place (21-Feb-2017)


428 Cattle Pound (16-Feb-2017)


427 RMC Road Visit (10-Feb-2017)


426 Visit of Night Shelters (9-Feb-2017)


425 Construction of Cattle Pound (9-Feb-2017)


424 Republic Day Celebration (26-Jan-2017)


423 Change in Water Time (4-Jan-2017)


422 Cnstruction of tubewell at shivalik Avenew  (3-Jan-2017)


421 Regularization of plots and building (3-Jan-2017)


420 Distribution of Wheat (1-Jan-2017)


419 Construction of Community hall at ward no 44  (1-Jan-2017)


418 Sanction letter to homeless beneficiaries  (31-Dec-2016)


417 Repair of Tubewell  (31-Dec-2016)


416 Launching of swipe machine in corporation  (31-Dec-2016)


415 House Meeting  (30-Dec-2016)


414 Distribution of Wheat (29-Dec-2016)


413 Construction of Street with interlocking tiles (29-Dec-2016)


412 Cremation Ground Renovation (28-Dec-2016)


411 Regarding Properitery Tax (28-Dec-2016)


410 Construction of Community Hall ward 31 (27-Dec-2016)


409 Innogration of Street (27-Dec-2016)


408 Community Center Meeting (27-Dec-2016)


407 Regarding Dharamshalla and Anganwari Center at ward 50 (26-Dec-2016)


406 Tirath Yatra (25-Dec-2016)


405 Construction of street at Labh Nagar (25-Dec-2016)


404 Foundation of Tubewell (24-Dec-2016)


403 Tirath Yatra (24-Dec-2016)


402 Inagration of Tubewell  (24-Dec-2016)


401 Construction of Zim rooms  (24-Dec-2016)


400 Construction of boundary wall of Fathegarh Cremation Ground   (23-Dec-2016)


399 Checking of Interlocking Tiles   (23-Dec-2016)


398 Ward 14 Construction of Community Hall   (22-Dec-2016)


397 Painting Competition - "Swatch Bharat"   (22-Dec-2016)


396 Construction of Tubewell Ward 39  (22-Dec-2016)


395 Construction of Tubewell Ward 35  (21-Dec-2016)


394 Construction of ZIM Road  (21-Dec-2016)


393 Regularization of Un-Authorised Colonies  (20-Dec-2016)


392 Change of tunbewell timming  (20-Dec-2016)


391 Ward 49 road construction (20-Dec-2016)


390 Construction of ZIM Road (20-Dec-2016)


389 Problems of ward 15 (19-Dec-2016)


388 Ward 14 park construction (19-Dec-2016)


387 Construction of Street with Interlock Tiles at ward no 2 (19-Dec-2016)


386 Construction of drainage at Kirti Nagar (12-Dec-2016)


385 Checking of development work (11-Dec-2016)


384 Construction of street with interlocking tiles (11-Dec-2016)


383 Visit of Mayor Regarding problem of Ward no 27 (9-Dec-2016)


382 Inauguration of Interlocking Street (9-Dec-2016)


381 Problem of ward  no 20 (5-Dec-2016)


380 Retirement Party of Ravinder Thakur (30-Nov-2016)


379 Tehbazari (30-Nov-2016)


378 Monthly Councilor Meeting (29-Nov-2016)


377 Checking of Interlocking Tiles at ward no 25   (24-Nov-2016)


376 Regarding Sewrage Problem in Kirti Nagar   (23-Nov-2016)


375 Regarding Tehbazari   (19-Nov-2016)


374 Meeting Regarding F & C   (17-Nov-2016)


373 Construction of street with interlocking tiles   (16-Nov-2016)


372 Checking of Developmet work by Mayor   (26-Oct-2016)


371 Development Work   (25-Oct-2016)


370 Meeting regarding development work   (22-Oct-2016)


369 Mang Pattar   (21-Oct-2016)


368 Regarding Development Work in Muncipal Corporation Hoshiarpur   (21-Oct-2016)


367 Joining of Commissioner Corporation Hoshiarpur   (19-Oct-2016)


366 Fine on misusing of roads and streets   (18-Oct-2016)


365 Checking of Premix Road   (16-Oct-2016)


364 Construction of premix road of Ward 49   (12-Oct-2016)


363 Wheat Distribution   (4-Oct-2016)


362 Regarding China Dor   (3-Oct-2016)


361 Checking of Premix   (3-Oct-2016)


360 Dushera Utsav   (2-Oct-2016)


359 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan   (2-Oct-2016)


358 Shardhanjali to Mahatama Gandhi  (2-Oct-2016)


357 Regarding illlegal connections with Street Lights  (30-Sept-2016)


356 Wheat Distribution (28-Sept-2016)


355 Releasing of Booklet by Sh. Tikshan Sood (27-Sept-2016)


354 Rebate on Property Tax (26-Sept-2016)


353 Wheat Distribution (24-Sept-2016)


352 Monthly Meeting (22-Sept-2016)


351 Discussion of Problems with Railway Road Shopkeepers (21-Sept-2016)


350 Regarding Property Tax (21-Sept-2016)


349 Interlocking Work in Ward no 2 (20-Sept-2016)


348 Regarding Plantation of Trees (20-Sept-2016)


347 Regarding Visit of Tikshan Sood (08-Sept-2016)


346 Regarding Parking  (06-Sept-2016)


345 Regarding Tehbazari Challans  (05-Sept-2016)


344 Interlocking Tiles at Ward no 35  (05-Sept-2016)


343 Inaugration of Tubewell at Bhadurpur  (05-Sept-2016)


342 Visit of Mayor in ward no 23 (02-Sept-2016)


341 Mang Patar by Outsource Staff (31-Aug-2016)


340 Interlocking Tiles Ward no 3 (23-Aug-2016)


339 House Meeting of Counslers (19-Aug-2016)


338 Interlocking Tiles in ward no 37 (19-Aug-2016)


337 Mayor Visit in Shivalik Enclave (17-Aug-2016)


336 Regarding Property Tax (16-Aug-2016)


335 Regarding Independence Day Celebration (13-Aug-2016)


334 Regarding CM Visit (7-Aug-2016)


333 Regarding Chintpurni Langar(7-Aug-2016)


332 Regarding Sh. Tikshan Sood Visit(4-Aug-2016)


331 Construction of New Tubewell(2-Aug-2016)


330 Innogration of JCB Machine(2-Aug-2016)


329 Regarding Chintpurni Mela(1-Aug-2016)


328 Construction of New Tubewell(1-Aug-2016)


327 Interlocking Tiles in Ward No 10(1-Aug-2016)


326 Pre-Mix work at Akash Colony(31-July-2016)


325 Regarding Repair of Electric wire by Power Com(31-July-2016)


324 Fogging Van Flag Off by Mayor(30-July-2016)


323 Pre-mix works at Indera Colony(30-July-2016)


322 New Tata Ace Hydrolic Van(29-July-2016)


321 Repair of Roads damaged due to Power cable (28-July-2016)


320 Meeting with Traffic Police regarding Traffic Problem (27-July-2016)


319 Visit of Mayor to Ward no 13 (21-July-2016)


318 Sewerage Project (18-July-2016)


317 Plantation in Ward no 13(17-July-2016)


316 Regarding Water and Sewerage  (15-July-2016)


315 Regarding Plastic Bag  (15-July-2016)


314 Letter to Mayor by Ward no 37  (14-July-2016)


313 Visit of Mayor to Phagwara (14-July-2016)


312 Letter to Sr. Depty Mayor by Ward no 35  (13-July-2016)


311 Ward no 42 Interlock Tiles Construction work  (9-July-2016)


310 Mohalla Welfare Committee Shivalik Enclave letter to Mayor  (6-July-2016)


309 Regarding Tubewell Operators on DC Rates  (5-July-2016)


308 Visit of Mayor in Ward No 11  (3-July-2016)


307 Construction Work of New Tubewell  (2-July-2016)


306 Welcome of Smt. Seema Rani  (29-June-2016)


305 Reagrding appointment Letter  (24-June-2016)


304 Interlocking Tiles in ward no 39  (24-June-2016)


303 International Yoga Day  (21-June-2016)


302 Construction of street with inter locking tiles  (21-June-2016)


301 Starting work of new Tubewell  (20-June-2016)


300 Reagrding Checking of Plastic Bags  (19-June-2016)


299 Regarding Regularization of Water Supply and Seware  (18-June-2016)


298 Visit of Defence Minister Sh. Manohar Parrikar  (18-June-2016)


297 Chabbil By ChinMastika Sewak Mandali  (16-June-2016)


296 Construction of Interlocking Tiles Street at Sunder Nagar  (10-June-2016)


295 Visit of Mayor at ward no 3  (10-June-2016)


294 Regarding Construction of Street with Interlocking Tiles  (8-June-2016)


293 Regarding F & C Meeting  (7-June-2016)


292 Fogging Spray in Dengue effected area  (6-June-2016)


291 Visit of Mayor in ward no 9 (6-June-2016)


290 Fogging Spray in Dengue Effected Areas (5-June-2016)


289 Visit of Ward no 25 (5-June-2016)


288 Visit of Sh. Tikshan Sood in Ward no 7 (4-June-2016)


287 Allotment of new tubewell in ward no 46 (3-June-2016)


286 Construction of Street with Interlocking Tiles (2-June-2016)


285 Checking of Safai Karamchari (2-June-2016)


284 Regarding Interlocking Tiles (1-June-2016)


283 Regarding Visit of ward no 34 (1-June-2016)


282 Regarding problems of Adarsh Nagar (31-May-2016)


281 Visit Ward no 42 (29-May-2016)


280 Honour Dr. Raman Ghai (29-May-2016)


279 Visit of Mayor Sh. Shiv Sood to Ludhiana Corporation (28-May-2016)


278 Visit Regarding problems of ward no 14 (28-May-2016)


277 Checking of Ward no 50 (27-May-2016)


276 Checking of Plastic Bags (26-May-2016)


275 Checking of City (26-May-2016)


274 Checking of Tubewell (25-May-2016)


273 Visit of ward no 21 (25-May-2016)


272 Visit of ward no 13 (24-May-2016)


271 Checking of Water Supply Tubewell (23-May-2016)


270 Checking of Water miss use (23-May-2016)


269 Visit of Sh. Tikshan Sood in ward no 7 (22-May-2016)


268 Checking of Property Tax (22-May-2016)


267 Checking of Premix Road (21-May-2016)


266 Visit of Ward no 28 by Sh. Tikshan Sood (21-May-2016)


265 Demands of Kirti Nagar (20-May-2016)


264 Foundation stone by Sh. Tikshan Sood at ward no 20 (20-May-2016)


263 Mayor visit to ward no 33 (20-May-2016)


262 Mayor visit to ward no 35 (19-May-2016)


261 Checking of Plastic Bags (19-May-2016)


260 Regarding Property Tax (18-May-2016)


259 Mayor visit to ward no 19 (18-May-2016)


258 Renovation of Muncipal Library (18-May-2016)


257 Visiting Parking Place (17-May-2016)


256 Checking Water Wastage (17-May-2016)


255 Interlocking Tiles (16-May-2016)


254 Visit of Mayor in Ward No 8 (15-May-2016)


253 Construction of street with interlock tiles (14-May-2016)


252 Visit of Mayor in Ward No 24 (14-May-2016)


251 Visit of Mayor in Ward No 32 (13-May-2016)


250 Visit of Mayor in Ward No 6 (11-May-2016)


249 Visit of Mayor in Ward No 31 (10-May-2016)


248 Visit of Mayor in Ward No 11 (9-May-2016)


247 Construction of Interlocking Tiles in Ward No 49 (9-May-2016)


246 Visit of Mayor in Ward no 45 (8-May-2016)


245 Checking of Ravidass Nagar Roads   (7-May-2016)


244 Visit of Mayor in ward no 49   (6-May-2016)


243 Checking of Puli Construction at Piplanwala  (6-May-2016)


242 Meeting of Finance Committee  (5-May-2016)


241 Inspection of Una Road  (5-May-2016)


240 Checking of water wastage  (5-May-2016)


239 Checking of Plastic Bags  (4-May-2016)


238 Checking regarding water wastage  (3-May-2016)


237 Regarding Development Work  (3-May-2016)


236 Regarding May Day  (2-May-2016)


235 Regarding problem of Green Brough Welfare Society  (2-May-2016)


234 Regarding fire in Sukhjeet General Store, Bhagat Nagar  (1-May-2016)


233 Regarding Monthly Councilor Meeting  (30-Apr-2016)


232 Regarding Development work in Municipal Council Hoshiarpur  (30-Apr-2016)


231 Checking Regarding Wastage of Water  (29-Apr-2016)


230 Regarding Construction with Interlocking Tiles  (28-Apr-2016)


229 Checking Regarding Wastage of Water  (28-Apr-2016)


228 Premix Road  (28-Apr-2016)


227 Regarding Checking of Remix  (22-Apr-2016)


226 Regarding New Tubewell  (21-Apr-2016)


225 Innaugration of Fogging spray by Sh. Tikshan Sood  (20-Apr-2016)


224 Checking of Plastic bags  (18-Apr-2016)


223 Regarding Fogging Spray  (18-Apr-2016)


222 Regarding Checking of Pre-Mix  (14-Apr-2016)


221 Regarding Vikram Sambhat (11-Apr-2016)


220 Regarding Construction work of Communuty Center Ward no 42 (13-Apr-2016)


219 Regarding Construction work of Communuty Center Ward no 42 (13-Apr-2016)


218 Regarding Vikram Sambhat (11-Apr-2016)


217 Regarding Inspection of Road Construction (6-Apr-2016)


216 Regarding Distribution Wheat (6-Apr-2016)


215 Regarding Checking of Plastic Bags (6-Apr-2016)


214 Regarding distribution of due cheques (1-Apr-2016)


213 Regarding Deputation (30-Mar-2016)


212 Regarding PM Awas Yojna (30-Mar-2016)


211 Regarding Construction of Catel Pound (29-Mar-2016)


210 Regarding Encroachment (29-Mar-2016)


209 Regarding Checking of Clorine Stock (28-Mar-2016)


208 Regarding appointment letter to Safai Sewak (26-Mar-2016)


207 Reagarding Meeting with tubewell Operators (23-Mar-2016)


206 Regarding Shardhanjali Samagam (23-Mar-2016)


205 Regarding Property Tax (23-Mar-2016)


204 Regarding Control of Dengue (22-Mar-2016)


203 Regarding Checking of Tubewell (20-Mar-2016)


202 Regarding Distribution of Rehara (19-Mar-2016)


201 Regarding Encroachment (17-Mar-2016)


200 Regarding Wheat Distribution (17-Mar-2016)


199 Regarding F & C Meeting (16-Mar-2016)


198 Regarding Distribution of Wheat (16-Mar-2016)


197 Regarding Control of Disease (15-Mar-2016)


196 Regarding Encroachment (15-Mar-2016)


195 Regarding Swach Bharat (14-Mar-2016)


194 Regarding problem of Sant Harcharan Singh Longowal (13-Mar-2016)


193 Regarding Budget of Muncipal Corporation (12-Mar-2016)


192 Regarding 1 Year completion celebration of Minicipal Corporation (11-Mar-2016)


191 Regarding Construction work of Parking Place (9-Mar-2016)


190 Regarding Ward 25 Problems (5-Mar-2016)


189 Regarding Property Tax (4-Mar-2016)


188 Regarding F&C Commitee Meeting (3-Mar-2016)


187 Regarding Monthly Meeting of Councilor (2-Mar-2016)


186 Development Cheque given by Mr. Tikshan Sood(29-Feb-2016)


186 Regarding Checking of construction work of Railway Mandi Park(28-Feb-2016)


185 Regarding Construction of Sewerage (26-Feb-2016)


184 Regarding TV Talk of Mayor and Commissioner(26-Feb-2016)


183 Regarding Chwcking of Interlock Tiles(25-Feb-2016)


182 Regarding Inspection of Parking(23-Feb-2016)


181 Regarding Problems of Cremation Ground(20-Feb-2016)


180 Regarding Development of Community Center(19-Feb-2016)


179 Regarding Swach Bharat Abhiyaan(17-Feb-2016)


178 Regarding Control of Stray Dogs (15-Feb-2016)


177 Regarding problems of Mohalla Dashmesh Nagar (11-Feb-2016)


176 Regarding PSULM Counsling (11-Feb-2016)


175 Meeting Regarding problems of Mohalla Tibba Sahib (10-Feb-2016)


174 Regarding Shop Sealing (8-Feb-2016)


173 Regarding Retirement (3-Feb-2016)


172 Regarding Authorization of unauthoried colony (30-Jan-2016)


171 Republic Day Celebration (26-Jan-2016)


170 Regarding appointment Letters (25-Jan-2016)


169 Meeting of BJP-AKALI Councilors (23-Jan-2016)


168 Monthly Meeting of Muncipal Councilor (22-Jan-2016)


167 Regarding Wasteage of Water (19-Jan-2016)


166 Regarding National Urban Livelihood Mission (14-Jan-2016)


165 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 49 and 50 (12-Jan-2016)


164 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 47 and 48 (11-Jan-2016)


163 Checking of Safai Abhyan (10-Jan-2016)


162 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 45 and 46 (9-Jan-2016)


161 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 43 and 44 (8-Jan-2016)


160 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 41 and 42 (7-Jan-2016)


159 Scholarship for Nai Abadi Girls School (7-Jan-2016)


158 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 39 and 40 (6-Jan-2016)


157 Checking of China Dor (5-Jan-2016)


156 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 37 and 38 (5-Jan-2016)


156 Meeting of Finance and Contract Committee regarding develiopment work(4-Jan-2016)


155 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 34, 35, 36 (4-Jan-2016)


154 Removal of Encroachment (3-Jan-2016)


153 Appointment Letter to Safai Sewak (2-Jan-2016)


152 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 33 (2-Jan-2016)


151 Reagarding Development Work (1-Jan-2016)


150 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 31 and 32 (1-Jan-2016)


149 Monthly Meeting of Councilors (31-Dec-2015)


148 Memorendum by Municipal Retired Pension Union  (30-Dec-2015)


147 Checking of Sewarage Construction by Mayor  (30-Dec-2015)


146 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 25 and 26 (30-Dec-2015)


145 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 23 and 24 (28-Dec-2015)


144 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Gurdit Nagar (28-Dec-2015)


143 Construction Work of Interlock Tiles Ward 42 (26-Dec-2015)


142 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 19 and 20 (25-Dec-2015)


141 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 17 and 18 (24-Dec-2015)


140 Innaugration of Toilets Block (22-Dec-2015)


139 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 13 and 14 (22-Dec-2015)


138 Request regarding development work (21-Dec-2015)


137 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 11 and 12 (21-Dec-2015)


136 Approval letter for Toilets(19-Dec-2015)


135 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 9 and 10(19-Dec-2015)


134 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 7 and 8(18-Dec-2015)


133 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 5 and 6(17-Dec-2015)


132 Regarding Safai Abhyan at Ward No 3 and 4(16-Dec-2015)


131 Property Tax Camp at Jain Colony(16-Dec-2015)


130 Regarding Safai Abhyan(15-Dec-2015)


129 Distribution of Wheat(15-Dec-2015)


128 Basketball Championship(14-Dec-2015)


127 Meeting of Finance and Contract Committee(14-Dec-2015)


126 Regarding Safai Abhiyan(13-Dec-2015)


125 Checking of Interlocking Tiles(13-Dec-2015)


124 Reflector Belt for stray animals(09-Dec-2015)


123 Swach Bharat Abhiyan(08-Dec-2015)


122 Change in Timing of Water Supply Tubewells(01-Dec-2015)


121 Monthly Meeting of Councilors Regarding Development(30-Nov-2015)


120 Meeting of Finance Committee Regarding Development Work(26-Nov-2015)


119 Visit of New Sukhiabad(23-Nov-2015)


118 Collection of Property Tax(20-Nov-2015)


117 Meeting Regarding Development Work(20-Nov-2015)


116 Inaugration of Tubewell(19-Nov-2015)


115 Shat Pooja at Sukhiabad(18-Nov-2015)


114 De-Adiction Rally(17-Nov-2015)


113 Meeting Regarding Development Work(13-Nov-2015)


112 Diwali Celebration(10-Nov-2015)


111 Removal if Incroachment(9-Nov-2015)


110 Construction of Road in Purhiran(9-Nov-2015)


109 Construction of Streets (5-Nov-2015)


108 Tribute to Sardar Vallbh Bhai Patel (31-Oct-2015)


107 Retirement Party (30-Oct-2015)


106 Checking of Development work by Commissioner (29-Oct-2015)


105 Monthly Meeting of Councilors (28-Oct-2015)


104 Innogration of Fogging Machine (28-Oct-2015)


103 Checking of Development by Commissioner (28-Oct-2015)


102 Regarding Property Tax (20-Oct-2015)


101 Checking of Staff (14-Oct-2015)


100 Checking of Fogging Machine (9-Oct-2015)


99 Construction of street in Shalimar Nagar (9-Oct-2015)


98 Fogging Spray in ward no 2 and 50 (7-Oct-2015)


97 Removal on encroachment(6-Oct-2015)


96 Demand Letter to Mayor to Add Mugalpura Bassi Khijar Khan in MCH (5-Oct-2015)


95 Construction of street in ward no 21 (3-Oct-2015)


94 Salute to Mahatama Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri (2-Oct-2015)


93 Distribution of Wheat (2-Oct-2015)


92 Meeting regarding Swash Bharat (1-Oct-2015)


91 Checking of Road Ward no 50 (1-Oct-2015)


90 Construction of Street with premix(30-Sept-2015)


89 Meeting of District Industrial Development Association(30-Sept-2015)


88 Inauguration of Pre-Mix Road in Basant Vihar(27-Sept-2015)


87 Removal of encroachment(27-Sept-2015)


86 Checking of road (24-Sept-2015)


85 Distributation of safety equipments to seawermen(23-Sept-2015)


84 Nomination of Finance and Contract Members(21-Sept-2015)


83 Meeting regarding control of Dengu (21-Sept-2015)


82 Meeting with Sewerage Board officials (20-Sept-2015)


81 Visit of Sh. Keemti Bhagat - Chairman Punjab Cow Sewa Samiti (19-Sept-2015)


80 Meeting regading develoipment of Community Center(18-Sept-2015)


79 Construction of street in Sikh Lane Ward 10 (17-Sept-2015)


78 Inauguration of Pragati Enclave road(16-Sept-2015)


77 Construction of street in Garhi Mohalla(12-Sept-2015)


76 Honouring Fireman Surinder Pal(10-Sept-2015)


75 Construction of road in ward no. 40 (8-Sept-2015)


74 Construction of road in ward no. 50 (7-Sept-2015)


73 Construction work of interlock tiles(4-Sept-2015)


72 Regarding Community Toilets(3-Sept-2015)


71 Inspection of Safai Abhiyan(3-Sept-2015)


70 Checking of Streets(2-Sept-2015)


69 Selection of Ravinder Thakur in Inspection Association Meeting(2-Sept-2015)


68 Meeting with Industrialists(1-Sept-2015)


67 MC Meeting(31-Aug-2015)


66 Innagration of underground drains(29-Aug-2015)


65 Regarding Advertisement Hordings(28-Aug-2015)


64 Removal of Encroachment(24-Aug-2015)


63 Removal of Encroachment(19-Aug-2015)


62 Independence Day Celebration(15-Aug-2015)


61 House Tax 2012-13(14-Aug-2015)


60 Regarding Independence Day Celebration(13-Aug-2015)


59 Guru Ravidas Sabha thanks Mayor to change the name of Subash Nagar Chownk(12-Aug-2015)


58 Construction of Gokal Nagar Street with Interlocking Tiles(11-Aug-2015)


57 Removal of Encroachment(11-Aug-2015)


56 Road Saftey(11-Aug-2015)


55 SDM order to remove temparary houses from cho(10-Aug-2015)


54 Repair of Lights at Chintapurni Road(9-Aug-2015)


53 Demand Letter to Mayor by shopkeeper of Shastri Market(6-Aug-2015)


52 Regarding House Tax(6-Aug-2015)


51 Visit of Mayor and Deptuy Mayar in ward no 22(4-Aug-2015)


49 Fogging Spray(30-July-2015)


48 Sealing of Property(30-July-2015)


47 Removal of Encroachment(29-July-2015)


46 Tribute to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam(28-July-2015)


45 Contruction of Street with interlocking tiles(28-July-2015)


44 Safai Abhiyan(27-July-2015)


43 Plantation Ward 42(24-July-2015)


42 Plantation in School(24-July-2015)


41 Ward No 42 Street Construction(24-July-2015)


40 Inauguration of Van Maha Utsav (23-July-2015)


39 Repair of Drain at ward no 30 (22-July-2015)


38 Inauguration of Religious Book Fair (22-July-2015)


37 Fine to JITF URBAN Waste Management Ltd. (21-July-2015)


36 Mayor Visit of Ward No 8 (20-July-2015)


35 Mayor Visit of Mohalla Ravidas Nagar (16-July-2015)


34 Removal of Encroachment (14-July-2015)


33 Regarding Problem of Mohalla Sunder Nagar (13-July-2015)


32 Cleaning of Drains (10-July-2015)


31 Regarding Vikas Karaj Dora (09-July-2015)


30 Counselors Meeting with Mayor (08-July-2015)


29 Visit of Sh. Avinash Rai Khana Ji (07-July-2015)


28 Regarding Regularize Connection - Water and Sewer (06-July-2015)


27 Foundation Stone of Interlocking Tiles Streets (06-July-2015)


26 Construction of Streets with Pre-Mix (5-July-2015)


25 Regarding Property Tax With Correction (4-July-2015)


24 Regarding Property Tax (3-July-2015)


23 Inspection of Fire Brigade Office (2-July-2015)


22 Inauguration of Quality Checking of Milk (2-July-2015)


21 Regarding Rate of Wood at Cremation Ground (1-July-2015)


20 Monthly Meeting of Counselors Regarding Development Work (30 June, 2015)


19 Regarding Property Tax (29 June, 2015)


18 Notice 138C Regarding House Tax (25 June, 2015)


17 Regarding Checking of Drains (25 June, 2015)


16 Checking of Office Branches (24 June, 2015)


15 Construction Work of Under Gound Drains (24 June, 2015)


14 Regarding Checking of Drains (23 June, 2015)


13 Removal of Encroachment (15 May, 2015)


12 Removal of Encroachment (19 June, 2015)


11 Regarding Cleaning of Drain (17 June, 2015)


10 Honouring Komal Sharma to Achieve 92% in +2(P.S.E.B, Mohali) (16 June, 2015)


9 Regarding Eye Donation (15 June, 2015)


8 Demand of New Tubewell (12 June, 2015)


7 Shabil By Mohalla Gobind Nagar Welfare Society (11 June, 2015)


6 Starting Work of Street in Ward No 43 (10th June 2015)


5 Cricket Match Opening (10th June 2015)


4 Magic Show Opening (5th June 2015)


3 Press Note Punjabi Version | Hindi Version (4th June 2015)


2 Construction of Street in ward no 39 (3rd June 2015)


1 Checking of Corporation Library (2nd June 2015)




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